Neighborhood on edge while 2 pit bulls roam free

A neighborhood on edge as two pit bulls roam the streets.

Last October, Naples resident Dawn Mozes’ boyfriend was attacked by two pit bulls while walking their dog, Mia Bella.

Mia Bella was cut open from the attack, and Mozes’ boyfriend ended up in the hospital.

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Two months after the attack, neighbors say these two dogs are still running around the neighborhood and Collier County Animal Services hasn’t done anything.

Now, neighbors are taking matters into their own hands.

George Scharring- Hausen and his wife, Debbie, have a 13-year-old York terrier, Molly, and they will do anything to keep her safe.

“Well, obviously we can not take her for a walk around here, we just won’t do it,” Scharring-Hausen said. “We take her for a walk at our office, which is in a different location, but we can’t take her for a walk around here, not until this gets resolved.”

Collier County Animal Services say the pit bulls aren’t dangerous, but won’t explain why.

“This is a very serious issue, this can’t be ignored,” Scharring-Hausen said.

Since the attack in October, neighbors say the pit bulls have attacked more neighborhood dogs and they are still roaming outside without a leash.

“This issue where you have an irresponsible homeowner with two dogs and doesn’t look after them obviously, this has to be resolved,” Scharring-Hausen said.

This leaves many owners with small dogs feeling uneasy in their own neighborhood.

“I don’t know how to defend against two large dogs, except you know, being hurt,” said Mihai Marian said. “It’s tough. This shouldn’t happen in this neighborhood.”

Reporter:Kelsey Kushner
Writer:Emily Ford