Dolphins’ Nate Allen could have net $2M had case gone to court

Newly released court transcripts show Miami Dolphins player and Cape Coral High School graduate Nate Allen could have won $2 million had his botched detainment case gone to court.

Fort Myers Police Department officers detained Allen in February 2015 after a 16-year-old girl accused him of exposing himself to her on U.S. 41.

Officers mistakenly detained Allen because his truck looked similar to one the girl described in a 911 call.

Allen was cleared a few days later, and an investigation found he never committed the crime in the first place.

“The timing of it was horrible and no person should be subject to that, it was just a horrible situation for him,” Mayor Randy Henderson said.

City council members had a closed-door meeting in October and unanimously approved a $440,000 settlement.

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“The council agreed with the lawyers and it was a unanimous vote to move on, get that past us, and solve the issue in that way,” Henderson said.

Allen was at the start of his NFL career when he was wrongfully detained, causing him to lose endorsements, according to the city’s legal council.

The city’s legal council advised them to settle the case.

Councilwoman Teresa Watkins Brown said “after reading the reports, it’s all cut and dry. It’s a no brainer … We’ll lose in court,” court transcripts showed.

While the city’s insurance will pay for half of the settlement, taxpayers will have to pay for the other half, according to Henderson.

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