Holiday cards created by individuals with disabilities through MacDonald Training Center. Credit: MacDonald Training Center

People with disabilities create Christmas cards for a good cause, training

FORT MYERS, Fla. – An non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual disabilities get the training they need to obtain and keep jobs, are creating Christmas cards this season.

The people who created them are from the MacDonald Training Center in Tampa.

Part of the curriculum is art.

The money from these Christmas card donations — will split 50-50 with the center and the artists.

“The people we serve, we see their abilities, not their disabilities,” said Rita Hattab, director of development at MacDonald. “We’ve had people with profound autism who could not communicate any other way. We see that kind of transformational power through art her every day.”

The cards — which feature paintings of traditional Christmas scenes sell in packs of ten cards for ten dollars.

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