Collier County mom creates website to help students with academic research

NAPLES, Fla. Stephanie Perez is a mom, a nurse, and a combat veteran — and she’s helping students ace tests.

Perez is enrolled in a nurse practitioner program, but juggling all that with two young kids was getting tough.

With time as her enemy, Perez decided to take on computer coding and created a website called CatoPro to helps students like her do scholarly research.

“I needed to figure out a way. I was tired. I’m working. I’m in school and the kids. I wanna spend time with them, they’re little and they grow up so fast,” Perez said. “Just finding the articles I was gonna use was a three-hour task.”

Perez says she first took an interest in computer science while serving overseas in Kuwait.

Students can type in keywords to an artificially intelligent ChatBot and within 15 minutes the bot will send legit scholarly articles or answer academic research queries.

To view the website, click here.

Reporter:Olivia Mancino