Students present “The Day the Trees Laid Down,” Irma through a child’s eye

NAPLES, Fla. Sometimes, seeing devastation through our own adult eyes we focus on dollar signs or setbacks.

But for a ten year old child it may look completely different.

Two fifth grade classes at Pelican Marsh Elementary took the opportunity Friday to present Hurricane Irma through their eyes in “The Day the Trees Laid Down.”

The presentation was rife with humor. Well thought out, rehearsed, and very entertaining.
But it also posed a very important message, to show people how important it was to go thru this.

Alec Folz, the show’s announcer, said he’s relieved everything is back to normal – and his friends are okay.

He was in atlanta for the storm, but remembers what it was like to come back.

“It looked like a war zone it was crazy it was flooded it didn’t look like anything I’ve seen before” said Alec.

Alec’s mom is very proud of her son’s class and their performance and the lessons they learned that helped shape it.

It’s about coming together and making the most of a bad situation.

Reporter:Olivia Mancino