Courtesy: Claire Sheats

Dead frog found in drink at Florida Waffle House

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) A Waffle House restaurant is under scrutiny from state health inspectors after a couple found a dead frog in their drink.

Claire Sheats tells WCTV she and her husband discovered the frog November 5th while dining at the Waffle House on Walden Road in Tallahassee. The dead amphibian was in a cup of ice water brought to their table.

The waitress brought the drink and her husband sipped on it before they noticed the frog floating in the water, Sheats says. She and her husband took pictures and video and alerted staff, then left the restaurant even though they had ordered a meal.

The video shows the couple dumping the water out on the table to show the dead frog. Employees are overheard reacting to the discovery, and a staffer comes over to clean it up, saying “sorry about that guys.”

After the incident, the couple filed complaints with Waffle House and with state health inspectors. Sheats says the state followed up a few days later and an inspector visited the restaurant.

The inspector told her the restaurant had emptied and cleaned all their ice bins immediately, and had their pest control bomb the store. Records from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation show the restaurant passed the inspection but there were a number of concerns. The restaurant was cited for 11 violations, including food residue buildup in coolers, grease buildup in the cooking area, dust building up, and food stored at an improper temperature.

The state also scheduled a follow up inspection a week later. The inspection report does not mention investigation of the frog incident or how it may have happened.

Sheats says she was disappointed that staff made only a muttered apology and she didn’t hear from Waffle House.

On November 16, after WCTV had reached out to the company, she says a Waffle House regional manager called her to apologize.

Company spokesman Pat Warner also issued a statement:

“We are concerned about this claim and are currently investigating the circumstances. Our corporate team is working with the local operators to determine the facts. Based on what our District Manager saw at the time and after reviewing the video, there are still some issues we are looking into. Serving quality food and delivering a quality experience are responsibilities we take seriously, and we will continue to review this matter,” Warner said.

Sheats says she was disappointed in the company’s response, but glad the state acted so quickly.

“We hope this prevents any future amphibian encounters for other customers,” Sheats said.