Coyotes attack North Fort Myers family’s goat

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. Hunter Cummings has been seeing more coyotes in his neighborhood.

Cummings, who lives off of Nalle Road, found one of his family’s goats stuck in a fence, stripped clean to its bones.

Kim Powell/ WINK News

“They’re defenseless,” Cummings said. “That’s no match to two or three coyotes that are taking them in by the stomach or neck and just drag them down.”

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While Cummings believes summer flooding and Hurricane Irma are to blame for recent sightings, another nearby resident, Jessica Dietz, says recent development in North Fort Myers is sending the invasive species closer to the farms.

“I’m just scared that they’re going to take out one of my goats,” Dietz said. “I do everything I can to protect them. I have two big livestock guardian dogs, I now lock them up right before the sun goes down.”

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Wildlife officials say it’s mating season for coyotes and the best thing residents can do is make a lot of noises or throw something at the animal.

Residents can also make a coyote shaker with a bottle and a coin to scare them off.