Want to be a crime scene investigator? There’s an app for that

LEE COUNTY, Fla. Crime scene investigators are using smartphone apps to do their job more efficiently. The following apps are free to download in the iTunes and Android Google Play app stores. Some apps are not available on all devices.

App iPharmacy

1. iPharmacy – enter the shape and markings of a pill and find out what it is. We had trouble getting the app to find over the counter medications on an Android device. iPharmacy is available for free for both iOS and Android. Download: Apple | Android 

App SpyMeSat

2. SpyMeSat – Using GPS technology, this app tells you what Satellites are overhead taking photographs. It can be utilized to purchase photographs from those Satellites from specific times of day. Free to download on both Android and iOS devices. Download: Apple | Android 

3. Blood Spatter Angle Calculator – Only available for iPhone and iPad. The tool saves evidence technicians time by quickly calculating the blood spatter angle of a crime scene. No need for a fancy scientific calculator with this in your pocket. Download: Apple

4. magicplan – Useful for realtors, contractors, and anyone do it yourselfers redecorating a room. The app helps you get exact dimensions of a room to measure for furniture or flooring. The “CSI” version of the app helps investigators recreate a crime scene. Free on both Android and iOS. Download: Apple | Android 

5. CamScanner – This photo PDF scanner allows you to get an electronic copy of any document on the fly. Detectives use it to make PDF copies of death notes, bank notes and other items located at crime scenes. Free on both Android and iOS. Download: Apple | Android

6. NightShooting – Helpful as a shortcut to anyone taking photos and videos in low-light, this app actually allows for investigators to take luminescent photos of fingerprints. By taking a photo of a fingerprint and emailing it off to compare to a data base a positive suspect can be matched before detectives ever leave a crime scene. Free to download on iOS and Android devices. Download: Apple | Android 

App Google Translate

7. Google Translate – Allows for instant translations between dozens of languages. Investigators use it to speak to witnesses when there is a language barrier and perfect for world travelers. Free online on any device. Download: Apple | Android 

8. Seek Thermal (with additional equipment)– Heat seeking camera allows you to check AC leaks, detect energy loss and inspect floor heating among other uses. Crime scene investigators can see hand imprints and foot imprints at scenes where suspects recently touched or walked. It requires a special attachment to work . Download: Apple | Android