Family of 9 rejoice on adoption day in Charlotte County

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. Adoption day was a long time coming for one Charlotte county families.

Especially for the Koehler’s, who adopted two sisters. The final two in a large sibling group they’ve been working to keep together for years.

Kevin Koehler, adoptive father of nine is happy, “The seven sisters are together again.”

The Koehler’s say they never planned to adopt nine kids, after already raising four.

“We had the five sisters right away at the beginning, for four years in foster care. They came up for adoption and they said if you don’t keep them there’s no way they will stay together.” said adoptive mother Dawn Koehler. But love is love “I got these kids and fell in love with them and promised that I would, as long as they were with me, I would take care of them and treat them like my own.”

That’s when their plans changed and would eventually lead them here today.

One of the Koehlers’ daughters, Vanessa, said, “It means our family is finally complete that we don’t have to struggle anymore. We can just be happy knowing all seven… That we’re finally all together.”

The girls’ oldest sister aged out of foster care before the first adoptions went through. But the Koehlers say she’s an important part of their family.

Dawn Koehler said, “To us she’s ours. I don’t need that paper, but she feels like it would make things a little more complete for her so we’re going to do that.”

Six other children were also adopted thursday, including a sibling group of four, and little Logan Day, whose entourage was there to celebrate. And Logan’s mother, Amber Day was delighted, “Blood is thicker than water but love is thicker than blood because no matter what, love is always there.”

There are currently 31 children up for adoption in Charlotte County. Of those, 19 are matched with families and agents are working to recruit 12 more families.

Including today, a record 52 adoptions in all will be filed in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties which is national Adoption Awareness Month.