Lehigh Acres’ Presbyterian Homes resident grateful for power

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. One Lehigh Acres woman recommends patience, prayer, and puzzles for time spent waiting in the dark.

Sandra Boldoc, 74, says no power at Presbyterian Homes trapped her and others who rely on electric wheelchairs to get around for days.

“I couldn’t go anywhere. I was stuck. I could walk around the house but couldn’t go outside.” Boldoc said.

Now, she expresses gratitude for LCEC restoring power to neighborhoods like hers.

“Joy…To know that I have electricity to cook and be able to move in my power chair.” she added.

Bolduc finds comfort in once again having things like hot water. “Oh baby I just stood there under the shower hanging onto my bats, because I didn’t even want to sit in the tub, I said surely I’ll lose the water again.”

She empathizes for those still without power “I’m sorry that so many are struggling and still having problems.”

The majority of outages for LCEC customers are still in Leigh acres.

The company says more than 500 crews are out working to fix the 8,000 miles of power lines they operate maintain.

Reporter:Melinda Lee
Writer:Derrick Shaw