Volunteers help senior stuck in sweltering Naples home

NAPLES, Fla. Volunteers found a Collier County senior trapped inside her sweltering home Wednesday without power more than a week after Hurricane Irma.

Ina Rosentrager, who is on dialysis and unable to walk, waited patiently by her window for someone to come by and help.

“It’s hot, you can’t do nothing, you have to wait it out until you can open the window in the morning,” Rosentrager said.

Volunteers from the Marco Island’s Patriots Organization were surveying the damage in Henderson Creek Park when they found Rosentrager.

“We heard this little voice coming out of the window saying ‘do you have ice,’ we stopped the truck and couldn’t believe our eyes,” volunteer Yvette Beneroach said.

The volunteers donated a generator to Rosentrager, brought her ice and plugged in a fan.

“Our elderly, they need us,” Beneroach said.
Reporter:Olivia Mancino