Utilities: SWFL residents using too much water

FORT MYERS, Fla. Stop using your dishwasher and washing machines.

That’s the message from utilities in Lee County and Collier County, who are urging water conservation as Hurricane Irma recovery continues.

The high volume of water entering the wastewater collection system is overwhelming the Collier County wastewater collection system, causing sewer overflows across the county, officials said on Facebook.

Sewage was also spotted flowing on the ground in Cape Coral.

Power outages in Lee County are reducing the capacity for wastewater to flow to the
treatment plant, county officials said.

Residents in Lee County are asked to limit the number of times they flush toilets and the amount of water they use during showers — in addition to holding off on dishwashers and washing machines for now.

The Charlotte County Utilities Department is also urging water conservation, though it didn’t recommend specific steps.