Lee County school district considers allowing guns

FORT MYERS, Fla. Guns could be allowed on campus under a proposal the Lee County school board is considering.

Potential changes to the school district’s weapons policy were discussed Tuesday at a briefing before a school board meeting. The proposal would allow students ages 18 years and older to keep guns in their cars as long as they’re concealed and encased.

The superintendent could allow employees to carry weapons outside of their vehicles under special permission, and principals could allow weapons during school events if there is no live ammunition.

Parent Vivian Parks expressed reservation.

“I think that’s scary, because even with the adults and the teachers having them, (with) outbreaks and fights and things, I don’t think its a good idea,” she said.

But schools would have zero tolerance for any student who takes out a weapon, board member Steven Teuber said, calling the proposal reasonable.

“If you take a gun out, there’s no excuses,” he said.

One of the board’s goals with the policy is to bring the district in line with Florida statutes that protect legal gun ownership. Still, Charlotte and Collier counties prohibit bringing guns on school property under the threat of expulsion.

It’s unclear if or when the board would vote on the proposal.

Reporter:Andrea Henderson
Taylor Bisacky