Sports complex latest step in Fort Myers midtown redevelopment

FORT MYERS, Fla. New volleyball courts in a part of the city that leaders are targeting for redevelopment have been a winning enterprise so far.

The number of teams playing in city leagues has doubled since a 15,000-square-foot recreation facility opened on Grand Avenue earlier this month. That means new revenue for the city, since players have to pay to join up.

“There’s definitely a need and we’re lucky to be able to get this location,” recreation program coordinator Adam Lightfoot said.

The $20,000 Midtown Beach Sports Complex on 2277 Grand Ave. features three courts on 1,200 tons of premium sand donated by Stewart Materials, Lightfoot said. The facility replaced the city’s old skate park.

“It brings family together and it’s fun, you know, it keeps everybody active,” player Joshua Pis said.

City officials have looked at the midtown area, south of downtown, as a focus of revitalization efforts.

The complex will have a grand opening ceremony at 10 a.m. Saturday.