‘Hello, this isn’t Jimmy Butler,’ Evanston man says again and again

CHICAGO (CBS/CBS2) Former Chicago Bull Jimmy Butler gave his phone number out on national television. What could possibly go wrong?

“If you want an interview, there you have it,” Butler said in disclosing his digits.

He got calls. The newest member of the Minnesota Timberwolves has been bombarded after he invited anyone to call who had a complaint about him.

Enter Michael Byrne.

The Evanston man’s own phone number is just one digit off from the one Butler gave out, and calls are flooding into his phone.

“Hello, this isn’t Jimmy Butler,” he said Thursday, taking a call.

Byrne says he’s gotten about 60 missed calls and even more text messages meant for Jimmy Buckets.

“One guy wanted to play darts and have a drink together,” he tells CBS 2. “If I’m ever in Minneapolis, I guess I have a lot of offers.”

Byrne says he’s called the T-Wolves office to complain.

He is also looking for work, and hopes someone might call who will hire him.

Author: CBS/CBS2