Graphic images of Diana Alvarez found on person of interest’s phone

FORT MYERS, Fla. Inappropriate photos of Diana Alvarez were discovered on the phone of a  man who is believed to have been involved in her disappearance, court documents show.

Jorge Guerrero, who was named in an Amber Alert when Alvarez disappeared in May 2016, told Lee County deputies the photos were taken in December 2015 while he was still living in her home.

The photos showed Alvarez in her underwear, according to court documents.

While he admitted to touching her inappropriately on a weekly basis, he denied ever having sex with her, according to court documents. The touching began when he moved into her San Carlos Park home in June 2015, according to the documents.

Guerrero has not been charged with Alvarez’s disappearance.

Guerrero believes Alvarez’s stepfather may have known about their relationship because he noticed her “acting weird and flirty around him,” court documents said.

He also claimed he was scared because he did “bad things” when he smoked crystal meth and knew it wasn’t normal to be sexually active with a 9-year-old girl, documents said.