State Road 70 reopens following limited visibility

ARCADIA, Fla. A portion of State Road 70 reopened Sunday morning, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

It closed just after 8 a.m. from County Road 760 in DeSoto County to Old State Road 8 in Highlands County due to smoke and fog in the area, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Drivers were encouraged to find alternate routes, state troopers said.

This portion of State Road 70 closed multiple times in March for visibility issues.

State troopers provided helpful hints when driving through an area with limited visibility:

  • Drive with your low beams on
  • Don’t speed
  • Watch out for slow-moving or parked vehicles
  • Avoid distractions like the radio or using a cell phone
  • Use wipers and defrosters
  • Use the lines on the road as a guideline
  • Be patient
  • Signal turns and brake when approaching a stop in advance
  • Don’t stop on a freeway or busy road. Use your turn signal to pull off the road and turn your hazard lights on.

No further information was immediately available.