PHOTOS: Smoke billows through SWFL


  1. We have C 130 aircraft sitting in North Dakota that could be retro fitted to carry fire retardant to protect life and property, doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. Might ask our Senators and Representatives why it doesn’t occur. I raised this issue two years ago, no response.

  3. we have lots of military aircraft sitting in mothballs that could be retrofitted to fight fires and we have a huge pool of specially trained military and retired military pilots that could fly those missions. it’s way past time to use those assets and some common sense

  4. I may get a lot of backlash but I am entitled to my opinion. first of all to Mr. Steven Bradbury. This isn’t just a simple contained brush fire. This is out of control. People forced to evacuate their homes which they worked very hard for. I know a lady whom just lost her husband less than a year ago that owns one of the stables. The very thought of her losing everything saddens me to the core. Think of the animals that are scared and confused.
    To top it all off the roads are closed because of the smoke being so dense. This is forcing people to make detours and adding to the pandemonium. Ask the people who drive all moronic are driving even worse causing accidents!!!
    Now it is dark and the smell of smoke lingers in our home. Even through the air vents being closed and anywhere air can get in blocked with towels. We can’t see how bad it is outside right now.
    One of the main issues is disrespectful disgusting people that throw their cigarettes out the window! The brush is way too dry for that!!!
    I pray that everyone is safe tonight. I pray their homes are sound.

    • Right on. Hope it’s all over soon, everyone safe & going about their daily lives. Makes us realize how much we have to be thankful for that we don’t even think about until catastrophe strikes.

  5. I have only seen a few tankers in the sky the people are right they waste so much money in other places why not buy a 50 to a hundred air water tankers ,this is safer than putting firefighters in the direct path of the fire.