Cape Coral police warn holiday trash could attract thieves

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — In the days following Christmas, piles of boxes and wrapping paper from unwrapped gifts sit on the curb.

But leaving holiday trash outside could make homeowners a target for thieves as it allows them time to see what merchandise is in the home, Cape Coral police said.

“They don’t need to case the inside of your house,”said Cpl. Phil Mullen. “They don’t need to play like they’re a salesman and try to peak over your shoulder. They don’t even need to get into your house to know if your house is worth breaking into.”

Homeowner Bryan Zapata and other residents are doing what they can to minimize the risk.

“The important boxes that are worth a lot of money we put in the garbage so it doesn’t show,” he said.

Authorities warn against posting pictures of presents online and to not throw away all holiday trash at once.

“If you take it out the day of, right before the garbage comes, people wont have enough time to see what we have,” Zapata said.

Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year, this week’s trash pick-up is on a normal schedule.