Wounded Warrior Anglers give gifts to grieving family

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A family in mourning saw a glimmer of hope Saturday after tragedy struck earlier this year.

Chris Arney suffered from PTSD and committed suicide in September. He was a husband, father and courageous veteran who served two tours in Iraq.

The Wounded Warrior Anglers, a Cape Coral-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families, received a gift from the 7-Eleven Giving Tree to sponsor the family.

The organizations worked with community members to give the family Christmas gifts.

“Even in dark moments, there’s still a lot of light and that’s what people bring,” said Alexandra Arney, Chris Arney’s widow. “It means a lot to me, I can’t express my gratitude for Keith and everyone else who pitched in to help.

This event was part of the Wounded Warrior Anglers Giving Tree. It’s the organization’s second year sponsoring a family.

Reporter:Taylor Bisacky