Lee County man arrested after bizarre burglary

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A 25-year old man was arrested Thursday after allegedly trying to burglarize a waterfront home and leaving a nasty surprise.

Neighbor Jenna Bedell notified Cape Coral police when she noticed Steven Jacobs float across the canal in an inflatable raft to a home at 1932 S.E. 6th Ave. He then tried to cut the screened lanai of the home after defecating in the yard.

“He went up underneath the window and used the bathroom,” she said. “He had a little inflatable boat. I don’t know, it was weird.”

When police arrived and questioned him, Jacobs told them he was traveling to the Cape Coral Police Department to retrieve his firearms.

“He was on his way here and he was going to continue on foot to collect his guns from the police station,” Cpl. Philip Mullen said.

Police said Jacobs turned in his firearms on his own accord last week.

“There were no issues when he turned his guns in,” Cpl. Mullen said. “It was just ‘I don’t have a place to put this.¬†Would you store it for me?'”

Since then, Jacobs has shown up to the Cape Coral Police Department twice threatening to harm officers.

Steven Jacobs is now in custody facing burglary and property damage charges with a $10,000 bond.

If he is convicted, he wouldn’t be legally allowed to own a firearm.