Call log reveals thousands of service calls to Fort Myers street

FORT MYERS, Fla. — One street has been keeping Fort Myers police quite busy.

Police were called to Davis Court over 6,450 times within the last year, averaging to more than 17 calls a day.

However, 6,108 of them were for extra patrols, which is when police monitor an area with high crime rates and increase their visibility in order to make their presence known.

Davis Court is located in the center of the Harlem Lakes neighborhood. It is a street filled with families, working adults and lots of crime.

Last year, two shootings occurred within seven hours. Last month, a car was pockmarked by random gunfire.

Erick and Olivia Walker live on Davis Court with their family. They moved into the neighborhood a year ago to try to bring about change in the community and are frustrated by the amount of money spent to install cameras at the end of the street.

“They could’ve gave us that money and we could’ve built a team of mentors,” Olivia Walker said, adding that Fort Myers would be safer if residents and police had a better relationship.

“It’s not gonna start with a kickball game,” she said. “It’s going to start with knowing how they really live.”

The Fort Myers Police Department is considering several spots throughout the community to place substations in order to monitor troubled areas.

Fort Myers Police Chief Derrick Diggs couldn’t be reached for comment.