Family of Diana Alvarez still searching for answers

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Diana Alvarez’ family continues to seek answers exactly five months after the 9-year-old disappeared from her San Carlos Park home.

Diana’s mother, Rita, said she received a strange phone call from a stranger on Thursday asking her why authorities haven’t searched for her daughter in Mexico.

Diana’s mother and stepfather, Uribe Jimenez, voiced those same concerns to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office several times and are frustrated with their lack of communication.

“They don’t even tell me anything,” Jimenez said. “They don’t even call me to say, ‘Hey, we’re still working on Diana’s case.’ No.”

Even though they’ve told authorities there’s a strong possibility Alvarez was taken to her biological father in Mexico, they still haven’t searched for her there.

“I want to know if she’s there with her real dad or if she’s not,” Rita Alvarez said, adding that she’s planning to meet with detectives on Saturday regarding the phone call she received.

Meanwhile, Jorge Guerrero, a person of interest in the case, is in prison facing unrelated child porn charges.

Family members have attempted to contact Diana Alvarez’s biological father, but said he either hangs up the phone or doesn’t want to speak to them.

Despite the obstacles, family members are hopeful Diana Alvarez is safe.

“My other kids ask me about Diana,” Jimenez said. “Where is she at? Is she coming back or if we know something. I can’t answer all those questions.”

The sheriff’s office could not be reached for comment.