Strong winds bend carports, roofs in North Fort Myers

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. – Strong winds left some damage in a North Fort Myers neighborhood Friday afternoon.

Residents said that they heard a loud crack outside at about 3:30 p.m. It was so loud they thought it was a car crash, they said, but they instead discovered a carport was bent out of shape and parts of it were missing.

It appears two homes in Horizon Villages were damaged.

“Why randomly this one? They’ve lived through hurricanes, whatever else for the last 10 years and no damage. So, it’s weird to me, it’s like, why this?” said Sue Wozniak, the homeowner’s daughter.

When Wozniak walked outside, she could still see debris swirling in the wind.

“You can see they lifted up the screws and lifted it right out of the concrete,” she said.

Next door, Dee Kilgore said he came running outside just in time to see another home get hit by the wind.

“It went in and it hit and it lifted it up I guess — less than a foot — lifted up and set it back down,” Kilgore said.

Debris scattered for blocks and neighbors delivered pieces back to the home.

“Most of those pieces are found in people’s yards, and we got the American flag back,” Wozniak said.

No one was injured.