Archbishop speaks in SWFL, reflects on worldwide terror

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Hundreds filed in to the sanctuary at St. John XXIII Catholic Church off Daniels Parkway in Fort Myers, excited to hear words straight from one of the Pope’s top advisors.

Archbishop Benedito Auza entered the church, with a parade of flags from the United Nations before him. The beginning of his message and plea for peace.

“Perpetuating violence, killing people, in acts of religion or even in the name of God himself is such a blasphemy,” said Auza.

He says there are currently 36 active terror threats and at least 12 potential threats across the globe, a fact that’s become a norm to many, and crating an atmosphere of pure fear.

He tells WINK News he visited Paris, France after the attack that killed 138 people.

“You know, you see military people and police almost in every corner, and in every metro station. It really gives you a feeling that people feel being besieged by something. By fear, real fear of what’s happening around us.”

Auza says he hopes his message will help preserve the good in others, and remind them not to fall victim to fear or violence.