Why hasn’t Mark Sievers been arrested?

FORT MYERS, Fla.- According to numerous court documents, investigators believe Mark Sievers was involved in the planning and execution of his wife’s murder.

But why has Sievers not been arrested?

“I think they they are watching him now to see what his reaction is to all of this evidence and his house of cards falling apart,” said Scott Moorey.

Local defense attorney Scott Moorey, who’s not involved in this case, expects authorities to arrest Sievers shortly.

Numerous search warrant and cellphone tracing affidavits show investigators believe Sievers hired Curtis “Wayne” Wright to murder his wife.

“The evidence is starting to come out, these documents are showing, affidavits that is from detectives, which is evidence,” said Moorey.

Right now, Sievers is a free man. Moorey tells WINK News the benefit for authorities to wait and arrest Sievers is to see if he makes a mistake, or even flee, after seeing all of this evidence.

“If he does attempt to flee, they have got what we call a consciousness of guilt argument. They can argue to a jury they he was concerned knowing that he was going to be arrested, knowing that his case was unfolding and he wanted to get out of the country,” said Moorey.

WINK News reached out to Mark Sievers’ attorneys, but they tell us they have no comment on all the¬†evidence because they have not read through it all yet.

Sievers’ attorneys also say he is at home with his daughters still grieving and has not been contacted by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.