SWFL Crime Stoppers asks for tips in murder case

FORT MYERS, Fla. –  A team of cold case investigators are putting fresh eyes on a nine-year-old murder that remains unsolved.

Trish Routte with Crime Stoppers joined us in the WINK News studio to try and help bring about resolution to a family who lost a mother, a daughter and a sister to a random act of violence.


  1. About 15-20 years ago, the daughter of a former coworker of mine met a man online. He lived out of state but came to Florida to spend Christmas with her. She lived in Cape Coral with her mom so he stayed at a motel there. Either Christmas Eve or Christmas night, after dinner with the two of them, the daughter left to take him back to his motel. She never returned. Her car was found months later in Texas, I believe he still was driving it, and had her ID. Said he hadn’t seen her since Christmas and that she gave him the car. She was never seen again after that night and didn’t have enough evidence to hold him for anything. What ever happened with that case?