Thieves after your boarding pass

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Most travelers crumple up their boarding passes, and toss them in the trash after arriving at their destination. But doing so, could put your identity and money at serious risk.

“In the wrong hands, a little information could go a long way,” said Greg Scasny with Cyber Security Defense Solutions.

Scasny says thieves can scan the barcode on the boarding pass which may have not only your name, but your address, future travel plans and even your frequent flier number.

“If they can tie this piece of information to another piece of information they can get more account information and make a profile of you and it could be done rather quickly,” said Scasny.

With that information, someone can scroll through your social media accounts and learn the answers to those online security questions or even hijack your credit card info.

“Just like at a hotel, I keep the card, take it home and shred it, I shred the boarding pass,” said passenger Sara Monschein.

Experts recommend taking all your boarding passes home and shredding them.