Butterflies released at Baby Chance’s funeral

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. – Nine-week-old Chance Walsh was laid to rest Sunday, several weeks after his body was found in a desolate area 13 miles from his North Port home.

During the service, the pastor pointed out that Chance never really had a chance at life–he never got to hit his first home run, learn how to ride a bike, or even make the honor roll in school. He said all anyone ever really wants is some sort of standing ovation. The pastor then asked the room to stand up and give Chance the round of applause he deserves.

After the ceremony, guests released dozens of butterflies into the sky. Chance’s grandparents say the idea came from a trip the where his body was found.

“My husband and I needed for ourselves and our hearts to see where he had been buried, and unfortunately where he was buried was not a beautiful place,” Sally Susino explained. “We were very distraught and upset when we had seen the site and as I was walking away crying, I suddenly had a big orange butterfly fly up back and forth right in front of my face.”

Susino says shortly after, another butterfly came by. She believes that was Chance and his brother Duane who also tragically died last year.

“I took it as a beautiful sign from God. He was showing me that, here’s your two boys, they’re peaceful, they’re happy and they have wings.”

The display at the funeral was surrounded by butterflies.

“Strangely enough, ever since this has been happening with the butterflies–everywhere, everything is butterflies. I see them every day, I see them fly near me, they’re just always there.”

Chance’s parents, Kristen Bury and Joseph Walsh are behind bars in connection with his death.