Relay for Life 2016 Kicksoff

FORT MYERS, Fla.–Downtown Fort Myers continues to recover from that devastating shooting spree at Zombicon Saturday night.

Tonight the City of Palms Park Relay for Life launched their kickoff party at the  Twisted Vine Bistro.

Last year the relay raised $55,000 and next year the goal is much more.

“We are going for  $100,000 this year which we will make that goal,” said event co-chair Amira Fox.

Organizers say even after the Zombicon shooting in Downtown, everyone feels safe and the Relay will go on as planned.

“We are comfortable with it happening downtown. We are comfortable that our police department has us covered.
An isolated incident can occur anywhere, it can happen to anyone of us anytime, but we feel comfortable, we love our
downtown and we will certainly not be changing our plans for Relay for Life,” said Fox.

If you would like to sign up for the City of Palms Park Relay for Life in 2016 CLICK HERE.