Sievers murder investigation: 7 weeks later

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. –  It’s been almost two months since Dr. Teresa Sievers was found brutally murdered in her Bonita Springs home, and many WINK News viewers have been asking us for updates on the case. So have we.

It’s been weeks since investigators released any new information, and Tuesday the Lee County Sheriff’s Office declined our request to speak to Sheriff Mike Scott about the case.

A local relative of Sievers’ tells WINK News that detectives won’t tell them anything. The relative said the family is still grieving and hopes the killer is caught soon.

Neighbors are hungry for updates as well. One man described the murder as a “bad dream” that has almost been forgotten.

“I think (investigators) want to do a good job and they don’t want to leak out information… maybe they do have people targeted for it but they don’t have enough information to make an arrest at this time,” said Kathleen Wait, who lives near the Sievers home.

“I have full confidence in investigators. These things take time, people need to be patient,” Sievers’ close friend and former colleague Lenka Spiska told WINK News Tuesday.

Other neighbors tell us that for the past couple weeks they’ve seen Sievers’ husband and two daughters at the house frequently, but say they don’t speak to anyone. They’ve also noticed the security lights outside the home are now on 24/7, and the side door to the garage was just replaced over the weekend. They also say they have yet to see the blue minivan that was confiscated from the home at the very beginning of the investigation.