SWFL woman leads charge on Facebook to find missing people

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – One woman is making it her mission to help solve missing person cases throughout Southwest Florida.

Nicole Damigos says the idea was sparked after seeing the tragic disappearance and death of Heather King in recent weeks.

King’s father headed out on a one man search party and found his daughter’s body nearly a week after she disappeared.

“They [the community] felt there was a lack of response and people didn’t take it seriously that she was missing,” said Damigos.

It’s only four days old but the members keep growing.

“It took off a lot quicker than we expected.”

Damigos, along with her new friend Courtney Martin, are partnering with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office to form this group.

They plan to go out on missing person cases when CCSO doesn’t have enough resources. The website is also a good way to share information.

“For adults, you have to wait 24 hours,” explained Damigos. “Sometimes you just know it’s a dangerous situation.”

They hope the SWFL Missing Persons” Facebook page will help find family members before the situation turns to tragic.

“It really is within the first 24 hours when everything can happen,” said Martin. “If people aren’t sharing, they might go missing forever.”

The group and CCSO are holding a workshop on June 20. They will go over rules and how to execute search missions safely and effectively.

Damigos plans to reach out to all of the sheriff’s offices in Southwest Florida so everyone can get involved.