Grow house busted in Naples; cameras roll as accused leaves jail

NAPLES, Fla.- Deputies say pot plants were growing everywhere — in the master bedroom, garage and behind a home on English Oaks Lane.

Deputies uncovered the grow house Wednesday and say a child was living at the residence too. His father, Brian Kraus, was arrested and bonded out of jail. Our WINK News cameras followed him out the jail doors.

“Did you do it? Did they get it all wrong?” asked WINK News photographer Elias Yacob.

“Yea, all wrong,” replied Kraus.

“They said it was a grow house, there was no weed?” asked Yacob.

“No, no weed,” replied Kraus.

Brain Kraus says he didn’t do it but pictures deputies say they took at his home suggest otherwise.

Collier County deputies raided Kraus’s home in Naples on Wednesday and say they uncovered a lot of marijuana.

Pictures show pot plants were all over the home; the plants were in the garage, behind the home and in the master bedroom.

Reports show Kraus was using a “grow tent” in the bedroom; it’s a system of special LED lights to keep the plants healthy.

Altogether, deputies took more than 40 plants and homemade pot brownies.

Reports show Kraus’s 10-year-old son was living in the home too. We tried to speak with a woman staying there, but she didn’t want to talk.

“I am not answering the door.”

Neighbors tell WINK News deputies had their eye on the home for the past month.

“They always asked if they could search the back premises and I’m like, ‘alright that is fine,'” said Charlie Cannaday. “We would smell it every once in a while but we just figured it was some kid.”

DCF says there is not an open investigation into the family. WINK News is working to learn if the 10-year-old boy is still with his family tonight.