Bonita Springs residents concerned about sharks

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.- Fear is increasing in Bonita Springs as more videos showing sharks on local shorelines are being posted online.

A bull shark was caught swimming on the north end of Little Hickory Island. Now, people living there want stricter rules regarding sharks to keep somebody from getting hurt. But, city leaders tell WINK News their hands are tied.

“I’m worried. I won’t let our grand kids go in the water, someone is going to be attacked here.”

Similar sightings have residents frustrated and on edge. Just a few days after that shark was seen, video of another shark was captured by a WINK News viewer on Bonita Beach.

Over the weekend, a couple of guys fishing off Big Carlos Pass helped an endangered, protected carpenter shark, that was tangled in a net.

“I’ve never caught anything like that or helped anything like that, it was surprising,” said Kevin Turner.

Residents on the north end of Little Hickory Island want the area in front of their condos to be swimming only, meaning shark fishing and chumming would be banned.

“Our hands are tied as you said and so are the hands of the legislature, this is one you can’t have a special act, it has to be done by Fish and Wildlife,” said Bonita Springs City Attorney, Audrey Vance.

“I’m just one person, me dealing with FWC is a challenge, I think maybe the city with more power can get more headway.”

“FWC has to balance the rights of residents, the fisherman and the species,” said Vance.

People living in that area of Bonita Springs want rules similar to those on Fort Myers Beach Pier, where shark fishing and chumming is already banned. Homeowners are encouraged to call FWC to push for that change.


  1. If you can’t appreciate the Wildlife Florida has to offer, then you moved to the wrong State. Please leave, and leave the Wildlife alone.

  2. no the water is theirs not ours we should leave them alone. the man tries to interfier to much with things that are much bigger than themselves. the sharks have always been in our waters and the only way for a attack to occur is for it to be antagonized.

  3. Tell those stupid snow birds to leave the sharks alone, the gulf is not a swimming pool at their condo. The sharks have always been there and its there place to be, we are the intruders of the gulf not them. Its really simple dont swim there if there are sharks but making laws is so stupid it baffles me. Hey here’s a thought maybe educate your grand kids about sharks when they see them and not try and make the gulf a swimming pool for your pleasure. Leave nature alone

  4. well you can respect the wildlife without chumming them up next to where the children are swimming, if it saves one child from having their main artery severed and bleeding to death then it will be a law worth passing,

    • Coy, the area being discussed is not a swimming zone for anyone. I have lived in Bonita my entire life and no one goes swimming next to the docks in the back bay. Also, if you plan on going into the shark’s natural environment, then that is a risk you are willing to take. There are plenty of swimming pools around if you don’t want to have wildlife nearby.

  5. The problem for residents are not the sharks, The concern expressed here is for fishing. If you fish they will come. No fishing, no shark. No shark, no one gets hurt, nor people neither the shark.

    • That is what I read. Others seem to feel the shark is under attack when the issue is human behavior that is attracting deadly predators

    • You are showing how little you know, Urayoan. The sharks are ALWAYS here. You are just not observant enough to see them. Fishing does not attract the sharks to an area. Fishermen target what is already there.

  6. please educate your selves and grand kids. Sharks are being hunted to extinction, hundreds of thousands of
    sharks have been killed just for their fins , their bodies thrown back into the water as trash . Be grateful that you can see wildlife in your own back yard. that is the beauty and mystery of florida ,one step from the wild ,respect the wildlife . We are all part of nature please respect the earth ,yourselves ,and the creatures we are lucky to have around

  7. I would be willing to bet real money, the person asking for more legislative action is a Liberal. Only a Liberal would believe you could Legislate a Shark from his native waters because you find his presence offensive!

  8. My family has been in Southwest Fl. since the census of 1821 and this is another ploy to take away our rights. The real aim of this movement is to prevent fishing on our beach. There is quite a difference between no chumming and “Swim only”. Back off carpetbaggers as you have taken enough.

  9. What is the proposed “fix”? Kill the Sharks? I’m appalled by the lack of respect for our fragile Florida habitat, Fl resident since 1977. I’m positive more people are killed by elderly drivers, lightning, snorkeling, diving, boating, bicycle riding, etc….. in Florida than sharks.

  10. I’ve seen a video regarding this and the residents saying these are ” unwanted guests “. You buy a house next to water in a hot area and complain there’s sharks in there? Please. If you don’t want to get attacked ( not guaranteed you will, even with the ultra aggressive Bull Shark ) , don’t go in the water and present yourself. These sharks won’t break into your house ffs :D