Could you start getting more Robocalls?

LEE COUNTY, Fla. – A petition is circulating to make sure Robocalls remain blocked.

Currently, it is illegal for companies to flood your cell phone with recorded messages or texts, but the American Bankers Association has asked the Federal Communication Commission to loosen those restrictions. For now, if those companies break the law, they may have to pay you $500 for each unwanted call or text message.

Industry lobbyists have asked the FCC to exempt certain Robocalls to cell phones, like fraud or identity theft alerts; however, opponents argue otherwise. In a letter sent to the FCC, opponents said, “the proposed changes that the FCC is considering will open the floodgates for ‘wrong number’ calls to cell phones.”

The letter went on to say the exemptions would “gut essential privacy rights of cell phone users.”

For now a petition is circulating to end Robocalls. You can sign that by clicking here.

In the meantime, WINK News recommends you put your number on the state and national Do Not Call List.