Death investigation in Lehigh Acres

LEHIGH ACRES Fla.- Lee County’s Major Crime Unit has taken over a death investigation.

It happened Wednesday at a home on Gunby Avenue, near State Road 82 and Bell Boulevard.

Family members tell WINK News a woman acted in self-defense. They say the woman who lived there was involved in a domestic dispute.

WINK News confirmed the home was being rented out.


  1. Her family can say what they want and she can claim what she likes. This was not self defense, this was murder. I know Gary Helms and he would never raise his hand to a woman. This woman killed him in cold blood and I hope they give her what she deserves for what she has done to him. She took a son from his mother, brother from his family and dear friend from us all. I hope the police see her for what she is and justice is done.