Man dies after car plunges into Cape Coral canal

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- The driver involved in a crash Thursday afternoon has died.

Police say David King hit a utility pole before crashing into the canal at Surfside Boulevard and Beach Parkway.

Witnesses tell police the car was traveling at a high rate of speed, and may have clipped some traffic signs before plunging off the embankment and into the canal.

Rescue crews pulled King out and rushed him to a local hospital where he later died.

The crash shut down the intersection for several hours.

Police say there have been three crashes in the area in recent years, with vehicles winding up in the canal.

The city has considered putting up guard rails, but the council decided they were too expensive and chose instead to put in
warnings to slow the traffic down at the turn.


  1. I live on the corner. have been there for all three tragic accidents I knew with the city penny pinching their funds placing the warning tracks instead of the guardrails or trying to beautify the corner planting plams trees they decided to make the corner look like a circus of warning signs and sounds like we live on a highway with the noise that is put out by those warning devices just maybe if they would have thought of the people lives that pay the taxes instead of the expense things might have turned of differently…

  2. The Council decided it was too expensive to put up guard rails, because it’s not their loved ones drowning in the canal ! Poor decision…maybe it’s time to vote them OUT ! Maybe if Cape Coral starts paying out in lawsuits, then they’ll change their mind. How many more deaths will have to happen???