Social media helps Naples couple find stolen truck

NAPLES, Fla.- One post on social media helped a Naples Park couple retrieve their stolen truck.

Eric Wartberg’s F-250 was broken into and stolen right out of his driveway. He discovered it was missing when he walked outside to take his son to school.

“It was like seeing a ghost. I can’t even describe the feeling” said Wartberg.

“That’s where it was and that is where it wasn’t,” said Wartberg while referencing where his truck was sitting when it was stolen. “Everyone kept saying ‘No way, it was chopped up and gone,’ we would never see it again,” said Wartberg’s girlfriend Shannon Pruitt.

Pruitt wasn’t giving up that easy. She decided to reach out on social media for help.

“We wanted to see how fast we could catch them, hoping it was still in town,” said Pruitt. So she posted it on the Collier County Yard Sale page.

“Four hundred… it just keeps going,” said Pruitt of the post. “Everyone was sharing it from here to Maine.”

It only took 36 hours and the truck was back in their driveway.

Facebook users say they spotted the truck in Immokalee and Lehigh Acres.

Along Luckett road, in Lehigh is where Lee County deputies recovered it.

“They dumped it,” said Wartberg. “They got $2,000 worth of power tools, but I am thrilled to have it back.”

The truck was found in a ditch, out of gas. “I have been told if it had a full tank of gas, I would never have seen it again,” said Wartberg.

But thanks to one post, hundreds of shares and the community’s help on the road, the couple got their truck back in record time.

“It was pretty shocking when we got the call that early,” said Pruitt. “I didn’t think it was going to be that soon.”


  1. So, this story talks about how social media got them their truck back so fast but then it also states that the only reason that they got it back at all is because it was abandoned, out of gas, on the side of a road. In fact it is reported that they would never have seen their truck again if it hadn’t run out of gas.

    So which was it? Did they get it back because of social media or because it ran out of gas & was abandoned?

    If you want to have any credibility in news reporting you had better report stories correctly & especially don’t contradict yourself in an attempt to make a story into something that it isn’t.

    • Henry, why the bad mouth, why cant you be just happy for the young man so he can return to work ? How do you know it didnt get spotted down the road even if it had not run out of gas, seems people were spotting it ????????????????????????????

      • I guess that you have completely missed the point. They are making a big to do about social media playing a big role in him getting his truck back but then right in the story they state that the only reason that he got it back is because it ran out of gas.

        My comment isn’t about him getting his truck back, which I’m glad that he did. It’s about the credibility of the media in reporting a story, sticking to the facts & not making things up in an attempt to make a story into something that it isn’t.

      • Further to my reply, you say ‘How do you know it didn’t get spotted down the road even if it had not run out of gas’. Yes, apparently it had been spotted a couple of times but none of these reports led to it’s return.

        You could have said that perhaps the Easter Bunny might have found it if it hadn’t run out of gas but this din’t happen either.

        When I saw this story on the 11 pm Wink news last night, based on their lead in, I expected to hear a feel good story about how social media did do something good, only to find out in that report that social media had nothing to do with the recovery.

        Once again, credibility, reporting the facts.

        If you still are having a problem in understanding my point, then go back & read the story again, paying very close attention to where it says ‘I have been told if it had a full tank of gas, I would never have seen it again’.