Construction industry looking for “qualified” employees

NAPLES, Fla.- The economy is rebounding, and construction is up, but companies can’t seem to fill their workforce! Nationwide, construction companies say they are having a hard time hiring qualified employees! WINK News looks at why companies are ready to hire, but can’t!

“It’s important for us to make sure you have the same electrician today, that you are going to have 6 months from now,” said Monique Carlone with A/C Electrical Services.   A/C Electrical Services in Naples, has been searching for “qualified” workers, for months. But, filling the positions hasn’t come easy.

“We stand behind really being a quality company and that means integrity and being on time and making sure we are wearing booties and the homeowners feel safe,” said Carlone.

A National Trade Organization reveals, companies are facing severe labor shortages, after being hit hard by the economic down turn. Qualified, skilled workers were laid off, moved away or left the industry all together.

And now, as companies work to rebuild and recover, they say candidates are missing the key tools – the professional training to do the job.

“We do have more work than we do employees, we have been in a rush to hire,” Carlone told WINK News.

The same study shows, in the classroom -the focus has moved away from teaching students technical skills, which limits the number of qualified applicants.

“I just got out of high school not to long ago, there wasn’t an option for a technical situation.”

Now, following a busy summer, A/C Electrical Services is adjusting their daily operations to make up for the shortage in “qualified” employees.

“Sometimes you got to dig ditches, I’ve got field supervisors right now that will still dig ditches and put a took belt on, we need people to put a tool belt on, when needed.”

Author: Megan Contreras