Gov. Scott stops by Naples for early voting

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- The battle for the governor’s office is entering the final stretch.

Republican Governor Rick Scott is putting an unspecified amount of his own money into the race, while Democrat Charlie Rrist and his supporters, are getting ad blitzes of their own ready.

Governor Scott and the first lady took the campaign bus to a library in North Naples for early voting.

Scott held one of his grandsons, while waiting in line about 10 minutes, to cast a ballot.

Scott blasted Crist, on the economy and jobs.

“This race is about jobs, Charlie lost 832,000 jobs. He said there’s nothing he could do to stop the job loss when he was governor. Would you ever hire someone that said they couldn’t do the job?” said Governor Scott.

After voting, the governor took the bus to a restaurant and tavern in Collier to remind Republicans to vote.

Crist supporters held signs, outside the Scott rally.

“Scott does nothing for the environment, he does nothing for the people of Florida. He’s only helping the top 1 percent, or even the top one-half of 1 percent,” said Crist supporter, Judy Dempsey.

Governor Scott headed off for more stops on the bus tour, pleading with his supporters to not take the election for granted.

Democrat Charlie Crist will soon begin a bus tour of his own. WINK News will be along for the ride for some of his appearances as well.

Author: Mike Walcher